• Paperwork

    Joining up care for patients

  • Hospital staff at a computer

    Making access fast and accurate

  • GP surgery

    Keeping GPs up to date on a patient's journey

  • Social worker

    Transforming how care is delivered

Having access to results and reports from other hospitals saves time and resources.

Hospital Consultant


Due to the different ways they work, information from each hospital can vary in content, but in general will include the following:

  • clinical correspondence (letters about your care and treatment)
  • radiology reports (i.e. x-ray results)
  • pathology reports (i.e. blood test results)
  • discharge summaries and outpatient appointments

At present, clinical information relating to care or treatment you have received, is included from Southampton, Portsmouth, Hampshire and Bournemouth, but there are plans to include information from other hospitals in the future.