• Paperwork

    Joining up care for patients

  • Hospital staff at a computer

    Making access fast and accurate

  • GP surgery

    Keeping GPs up to date on a patient's journey

  • Social worker

    Transforming how care is delivered

Having access to results and reports from other hospitals saves time and resources.

Hospital Consultant


In order to improve the way the NHS delivers patient care, we also may share limited, anonymous information with some organisations. These include NHS organisations like Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and university research. We ensure that any information which may identify an individual is removed, such as names and addresses, so that the people involved in this work cannot identify you.

No information is ever shared with commercial organisations like drug or insurance companies, even if it is anonymous.

We review each request made in order to make sure that there is a legitimate reason for this information to be used for these purposes. CHIE never reveals the identity of any patient except to professional staff involved in their care. Some examples of the ways that CHIE data has been used to help our understanding of disease and treatment can be found here: http://www.hantshealthrecord.nhs.uk/news/publications