CHIE is pleased to announce that it is now receiving discharge letters and clinic letters from Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Trust. The letters received are for patients registered to any GP in west Hampshire.

This is the first time that information from a provider out of the geographic ‘footprint’ of Hampshire has been received for patient care.

South, Central and West (SCW) have now successfully completed the deployment of the Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) to 20 of the 23 GP practices in North East Hants and Farnham CCG, under the Vanguard programme. These practices are now submitting GP data to CHIE to help acute hospitals, GP out of hours and emergency services access to care plans, medication information and a host of useful information to help deliver better patient care. GPs are also now able to view data from CHIE within their GP systems

CHIE is very pleased to announce that Social Care information from Hampshire County Council (HCC) is now being regularly included into patients’ records. This includes:

  • The social care team(s) involved with the person
  • The persons assessment of need
  • Type(s) and frequency of care being delivered by social services

Hampshire is one of the first counties to establish an integrated system where information about the care given to people by Hampshire County Council Social Services and health partners is available in one place, making it an holistic health and care system for the first time and one of the first information sharing portals anywhere in the country to contain a complete picture of care for patients.

To date, there are some 17,000 social care records from HCC in CHIE, which are updated daily in line with any changes to care provision. The CHIE team are working to extend this functionality to Portsmouth and Southampton unitary authorities as soon as possible.

CHIE contains key information from hospital, general practice, community care and social services. The system makes this available to both Health and Social Care staff who care for people wherever they are, making the treatment they receive safer and more accurate. CHIE is managed by the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit on behalf of health and social care organisations in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Farnham and surrounding areas.

In the past few months the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has carried out a review of the CHIE. We have provided the ICO with information covering all of the aspects of governance, security and processing, including:

  • Overview of Patient Information Flows
  • Details of how we process data in compliance with patient wishes where they have opted out of CHIE AND CHI Analytics use
  • Data Sharing Architecture
  • Physical Server Architecture
  • Governance and Data Ownership structure and procedures
  • The CHIE Security and Confidentiality Protocol

We have provided information to the Information Commissioner about our processing activities  and how these comply with data protection legislation.

The Commissioner has confirmed to us that the ICO has no current compliance concerns that need addressing



Up to now, it has only been possible to include GP data from some practices, depending on the type of IT system they use. This has been a source of frustration with the system, as it has meant that sometimes users have not found the information they expected. This was due to technical problems with transferring data from one of the GP clinical IT systems, known as TPP SystmOne. This system is used by a total of around 40 GP practices in Hampshire. The CHIE team have been working hard to resolve this along with TPP and the system supplier of the CHIE software, Graphnet Health.


The CHIE team are very pleased to announce that CHIE now includes data feeds from all types of GP IT system including TPP SystmOne.


As with all systems this only occurs when GP practices have agreed to share their data with us. Currently the data extraction is occurring daily from all 16 TPP practices in the Southampton area, and we will be approaching practices in Portsmouth and Hampshire to request permission and to complete the deployment as soon as we are able.


The GP data available on CHIE includes diagnoses, known allergies, GP prescribing and care plans for vulnerable patients where the GPs have entered these. This information is available to duly authorised users in the GP out of hours service, acute A&E and wards, community health and authorised social care staff, for the direct care of these patients.


As well as GP data, CHIE also holds community care, discharge letters from hospitals, pathology and other information.

CHIE has integrated with Hampshire Doctors On Call, so that GPs can have access to critical patient information to support clinical decision making out of hours. Hampshire Doctors provide services to patients whose health care needs are commissioned by the following Clinical Commissioning Groups in the greater Hampshire area:

  • Fareham and Gosport
  • Portsmouth
  • South Eastern Hampshire
  • Southampton City
  • West Hampshire

The NHS Alliance, is an independent, not-for-profit, leadership organisation representing providers of care outside hospital, bringing together more than 10,000 passionate individuals and organisations across primary care who believe innovation and integration of health and care for patients.

CHIE featured as a leading technology to support this work at the recent NHS Alliance Conference. You can view a video of CHIE in action here, featuring contributions from patient carer representatives, GP and hospital users.

CHIE is now integrated with the GP out of hours system for North Hampshire. North Hampshire Urgent Care provides the ‘Hantsdoc’ Out of Hours GP services at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. Hantsdoc is a successful organisation with an excellent track record of looking after patients when their own surgeries are closed.

CHIE provides Hantsdoc with easy access to a summary of the patient information to help treat patients when they need urgent care after GP practices are closed and at weekends.

CHIE is proud to release a new module which will permit End of Life information to be shared with providers of care. These providers will be able to input and/or view information about a patient once they have given their consent.  The End of Life module will be populated, as much as is possible, straight from the CHIE to minimise input time.

South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit’s (SCW) communications and IT teams have launched this brand new HHR website, to celebrate 10 years since it began.

The Hampshire Health Record (HHR) was proudly asked to provide a significant case study for the NHS Interoperability Handbook.

The Hampshire Health Record was recognised at the national NHS Expo event in September. 

HHR has been chosen as a critical piece of the ‘Vanguard’ project in North East Hampshire and Farnham (NEHF).

The GP out-of-hours service covering the south of Hampshire (HDOCS) has integrated their Adastra clinical system with HHR.

The Phoenix Partnership (TPP) SystmOne IT system is currently used to hold patient data in 40 GP practices, mainly in Portsmouth and Southampton. HHR is seeking to integrate this information into the patient record. 

The number of GP surgeries submitting patient data to HHR has topped 125, which is over 70% of practices across all areas of Hampshire.

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) has set up over 100 users on HHR and started a training programme to ensure their paramedics can access clinical information ‘on-the-go’.

Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust (HHFT) and Hampshire Health Record (HHR) have developed a ‘single sign on’ function where HHFT doctors and nurses can view, record and audit a patient’s care record in HHR, without having to log onto another system.

Patients across Hampshire needing emergency care can soon benefit from NHS staff across England having quicker, easier access to important information about them.

North Hampshire CCG now has all 20 practices signed up to the Hampshire Health Record.

Solent Health Summaries and Care Plans live Solent health are now live with community health summaries and care plans on the Hampshire Health Record.