Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust (HHFT) and Hampshire Health Record (HHR) have developed a ‘single sign on’ function where HHFT doctors and nurses can view, record and audit a patient’s care record in HHR, without having to log onto another system.

HHFT, which includes the Basingstoke and Winchester Hospitals, has integrated its electronic patient record using HHR, with the new ‘single sign on’ function. Since its introduction, the number of log-ins has sharply risen and continues to grow. At the time of writing, the number had increased from a few dozen to over 450 per week.

Peter Cambouropoulos, ICT Programme Manager at HHR, said: “I’m pleased to see HHFT utilizing HHR so much. Being able to access and amend patient information, without having to log onto another system, is of great benefit to staff and their patients. The ‘single sign on’ has proven to be more time efficient, which can only help to speed up treatment in hospital wards.”

HHFT are also sharing discharge letters through HHR. Multidisciplinary community support teams rely on discharge letters to ensure patients are properly cared for in their own homes and have all they need to recover in the critical weeks following a hospital discharge.