CHIE is proud to release a new module which will permit End of Life information to be shared with providers of care. These providers will be able to input and/or view information about a patient once they have given their consent.  The End of Life module will be populated, as much as is possible, straight from the CHIE to minimise input time.

Palliative and End of Life Care aims to improve the quality of life of people (including carers) a­ffected by serious and potentially life limiting illness. It can include people with cancer or other illnesses such as heart, lung, liver or neurological conditions.

It allows key information about patients and their wishes to be shared with professionals involved in with their care. It will assist professionals in discussing and delivering the right care, in the right place, at the right time for you.

Professionals who may access the End of Life record, with the patients consent may include;  GPs, Out of Hours staff, District Nurses, Palliative Consultants, Hospital staff,  Ambulance service etc. The system is fully auditable and will have role based access. Access will be granted, where possible via single sign on from GP clinical systems.

 The CHIE End of Life electronic record may include information like:

  • Basic patient details such as name, date of birth and address
  • A summary of key discussions with these professionals around your illness
  • Diagnoses and other relevant medical history
  • Medications that have been prescribed and any known allergies
  • Preferences or wishes about your future care
  • Information relevant to future care needs