Up to now, it has only been possible to include GP data from some practices, depending on the type of IT system they use. This has been a source of frustration with the system, as it has meant that sometimes users have not found the information they expected. This was due to technical problems with transferring data from one of the GP clinical IT systems, known as TPP SystmOne. This system is used by a total of around 40 GP practices in Hampshire. The CHIE team have been working hard to resolve this along with TPP and the system supplier of the CHIE software, Graphnet Health.


The CHIE team are very pleased to announce that CHIE now includes data feeds from all types of GP IT system including TPP SystmOne.


As with all systems this only occurs when GP practices have agreed to share their data with us. Currently the data extraction is occurring daily from all 16 TPP practices in the Southampton area, and we will be approaching practices in Portsmouth and Hampshire to request permission and to complete the deployment as soon as we are able.


The GP data available on CHIE includes diagnoses, known allergies, GP prescribing and care plans for vulnerable patients where the GPs have entered these. This information is available to duly authorised users in the GP out of hours service, acute A&E and wards, community health and authorised social care staff, for the direct care of these patients.


As well as GP data, CHIE also holds community care, discharge letters from hospitals, pathology and other information.