CHIE is very pleased to announce that Social Care information from Hampshire County Council (HCC) is now being regularly included into patients’ records. This includes:

  • The social care team(s) involved with the person
  • The persons assessment of need
  • Type(s) and frequency of care being delivered by social services

Hampshire is one of the first counties to establish an integrated system where information about the care given to people by Hampshire County Council Social Services and health partners is available in one place, making it an holistic health and care system for the first time and one of the first information sharing portals anywhere in the country to contain a complete picture of care for patients.

To date, there are some 17,000 social care records from HCC in CHIE, which are updated daily in line with any changes to care provision. The CHIE team are working to extend this functionality to Portsmouth and Southampton unitary authorities as soon as possible.

CHIE contains key information from hospital, general practice, community care and social services. The system makes this available to both Health and Social Care staff who care for people wherever they are, making the treatment they receive safer and more accurate. CHIE is managed by the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit on behalf of health and social care organisations in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Farnham and surrounding areas.