South, Central and West (SCW) have now successfully completed the deployment of the Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) to 20 of the 23 GP practices in North East Hants and Farnham CCG, under the Vanguard programme. These practices are now submitting GP data to CHIE to help acute hospitals, GP out of hours and emergency services access to care plans, medication information and a host of useful information to help deliver better patient care. GPs are also now able to view data from CHIE within their GP systems

This is a turning point in the Vanguard I.T. and Interoperability programme which is focusing on the sharing of data to appropriate services, allowing them access to useful data that will help deliver enhanced patient care in a plethora of clinical environments. Data that was previously held solely within GP practice records would have to be sought by clinicians and other authorised NHS services who are treating and caring for patients.

In addition, anonymous data can be analysed to enhance services for patients, this allows the review of areas of potential growing concern, for example increases in trends or conditions for certain areas. This enables a more proactive, rather than reactive approach to care.

The completion of this work complements the NEH&F CCG’s IT projects currently being undertaken within the Vanguard programme, with the vision of appropriate data sharing underpinning them all.