Launched over a decade ago, the Hampshire Health Record (HHR) is a computer system used in the NHS. It safely shares important information about a patient with those treating them. This leads to faster and more accurate care. 


The Hampshire Health Record shows the medication you are currently taking, your allergies, test results and other critical medical and care information. Health and care staff can access your information if they have your permission to do so. 


The Hampshire Health Record (HHR) contains key information from hospital, general practice, community care and social services and is managed by SCW on behalf of our stakeholder organisations in Hampshire and Surrey.


SCW is an NHS body and part of NHS England. HHR is funded exclusively by the NHS and social care, and does not receive any commercial sponsorship of any kind. 


The future of HHR

HHR has also been chosen as a critical piece of the Vanguard project in North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG (NEHF). NEHF are piloting a ‘Happy, healthy at home’ programme which will link up health and social care professionals when treating particularly vulnerable or complex patients.

To see how HHR is being implemented in research, please see our library of publications.